Adding a Warm Welcome to Your Curb Appeal

Gas lights add a unique, inviting warmth to your home no matter their location. At your front door they can greatly improve your curb appeal and provide a warm welcome to your visitors or people passing by. Over your kitchen island they give a comforting glow and flicker for all your gatherings. Bevolo lights offer a variety of styles, so they are sure to have the perfect light to give your home that little extra touch. 

If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve surely noticed the beautiful gas lights adorning much of the French Quarter and many historical landmarks. These gas lights were all made by Bevolo, a company established in New Orleans in 1945. Bevolo proudly produces each of their lights locally and by hand using the best materials. Each light has the most energy efficient burner in the world and is made from copper, which is a material with a life of about 300 years.

Although all the lights are made from copper, you can choose the finish you would like. They will oxidize the copper for you to provide an antiqued copper finish, and for a finish that appears black, you can highly oxidize the copper. Also, keep in mind that copper will naturally develop a patina with time. This patina is just one thing that makes Bevolo’s lights so unique and beautiful.

Gas lights that constantly burn are not your only option with Bevolo. They also will make any of their gas lights to be controlled by a switch. When you choose the switch controlled gas option, the light does have a less efficient burner. However, with the ability to turn the gas light off, the efficiency loss in the burner evens itself out. Also, any light can be made as an electric light. This convenience gives you the ability to have matching lights all around your home without having to commit all your lights one way or the other.

Bevolo also goes the extra mile and offers free design services to ensure you get the perfect style and size light for your home. By sending them the elevation, plans, and/or pictures of your space, their designers will make specific suggestions. They also never discontinue any of their styles, so you can rest assured that when you finally decide to install that summer kitchen, or update your back porch, you will easily be able to match your existing lights.

Strutton Plumbing has worked closely with Bevolo for many years and would love to furnish and install their beautiful lights for you. We look forward to working with you and Bevolo in finding the perfect light for your house. Call us today to add this warm and inviting touch to your home! 713-774-9197