Getting the Most Out of Your Fireplace

We are finally having some days here and there that feel like winter (to us Houstonians at least).  Our homes are decorated for the holidays, and the fun buzz of the holiday season is everywhere around us.  In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, a holiday movie, yummy warm beverage, cozy blankets, and a fire in the fireplace are probably calling your name.  If you’re anything like me, then sitting around the fire with family and a cup of coffee is one of your favorite pastimes of winter. 

The fireplace in your home can hold a lot of importance.  It is often a gathering place for conversation, and fills your home with the familiar, cozy warmth we all love.  Therefore, you should love everything about your fireplace and make sure it is easy to use.  RH Peterson Company provides gas logs and remote ignitors to do just that.

RH Peterson’s Real Fyre gas logs are unique and top of the line.  Beginning in 1949, RH Peterson has been handcrafting beautiful gas logs for 67 years.  Their wide variety of logs are not only handcrafted, but hand painted as well.  Being hand painted creates an extremely realistic look that is beautiful even when the fire isn’t burning—creating something nice to look at, even in the heat of Houston’s summers.  The logs are also created in the United States and have a lifetime warranty.

Strutton Plumbing highly recommends RH Peterson’s Real Fyre logs, and can provide and install them into your existing fireplace or into your home as it’s being built.  There are a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from different styles of traditional wood logs to contemporary glass and stone designs.  Once you pick a style, it is important to select the right size.  Wrongly sized logs can take away from the beauty and wow factor of your fireplace.  We take measurements of your fireplace and work with RH Peterson to select the right size for your fireplace.  

Another amazing feature offered by RH Peterson is their fire igniting remote control system.  Being able to light your fire at the touch of a button may make you light and enjoy your fire more often.  The remote control allows you to turn the fire on, turn the fire up and down, and turn the fire off.  Can you imagine never having to reach from the gas key to your fireplace with the lighter ever again? 

This post could go on and on about all the quality products offered by this great company.  For example, they also have a ton of options for outdoor fire places and fire pits!  If you want to get more enjoyment out of your fireplace this winter, consider RH Peterson’s Real Fyre products.  Call us today to learn more about their other products, help in selecting a product, ordering, and getting them installed.  We think highly of these products, and look forward to putting them in your home.