#fixturefriday - Freestanding Tub

This week's #fixturefriday is one I think every girl dreams of.  When you picture the perfect bubble bath after a long day, this is what you see.  (Men--if your loved one enjoys bubble baths, Valentine's Day is in just a couple days. Just sayin'...).  

There are so many freestanding tubs to choose from these days with them being so popular.  I like this particular one because of the feminine flare at the top.  Overall this tub is very simple, but that flare adds a little something fun!  This is a Victoria + Albert "Toulouse" freestanding tub in English Cast White. 

Paired with this tub is a beautiful tub filler.  This faucet is a floor mount, which I love.  You can't have a freestanding tub without a gorgeous floor mount faucet tub filler to go with it.  This one is a polished nickel finish, and is a very simple style.  Beautiful!

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