Why treat your water?

  • Healthier drinking water: filters out chloramine used by the city to treat our water, pharmaceutical residues, VOCs, sediments, etc.
  • Environment & pocket book friendly: having filtered water can replace bottled water -- reducing plastic waste and saving money at the grocery store
  • Hard water, while not bad for your health, can be bad for your plumbing, fixtures, water heaters, and other home appliances
  • Better tasting water

Two types of filtered water:

  • Filtered water: free of chlorine, chloramine,  pharmaceutical residues, VOCs, sediments, etc. while still containing minerals that are good for our health
  • Purified water: purified using reverse osmosis; free of everything -- even minerals

Which filter is right for me?

  • Learn more about the options Environmental Water Systems has to offer
    • Max flow filter for your faucet, single stage filter, triple stage filter with or without a UV bacteria killing lamp, reverse osmosis, or whole home filters
  • Follow this questionnaire to see which whole home water filter EWS recommends for you